Суурин эхо P12 Elite


Cupid P12 Elite Main Unit
23.8″ High Resolution LED Color Monitor
13.3″ High Resolution Touch Screen
Endocavity Probe Holder
Four Transducer Ports
WiFi Module
USB 3.0 / Hard Disk 500G
B ( 2B & 4B ) Mode
M Mode
Color Doppler Flow Imaging
Power Doppler Imaging / Directional Power Doppler Imaging
Pulse Wave Doppler Imaging


To fulfill the promise of caring for life through innovation, SonoScape offers its upgrade solution, P12 Elite, a high-definition imaging solution based on cutting-edge technologies to deliver ever more detailed images and increase your diagnostic confidence .

With comprehensive features and optimized probe configurations, the P12 Elite offers outstanding capability to handle all aspects of daily clinical practices that help build trust between clinicians and patients.


The new generation μ-Scan+ imaging technology greatly improves the visibility of organs and lesions. High definition contrast resolution will suppress speckle artifacts while maintaining real tissue architecture.

SR Flow

As an innovative new technology, SR Flow improves the ability to detect low velocity flow signals. It also improves spatial resolution and overcomes overflow to present users with real hemodymic information.


Strain elastography for evaluating tissue stiffness, professional semi-quantitative analysis with strain ratio indicating tissue elasticity


Enhance the virtual lighting effect (especially backlight) and provide a high-quality stereoscopic image of the natural shadow and skin texture

S-Silhouette to

To see through the surface and clearly outline the contours of bones, organs, cavities, vessel walls and other internal structures.

23.8 inch LED monitor (optional), 220 degree rotation

Height-adjustable and rotatable control panel

13.3-inch tilting touch screen

Large capacity detachable battery

Multistage temperature heating gel

Sliding keyboard


P12 Elite




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